Project report on petroleum industry commerce essay

Most scientist agree that the vast majority of petroleum hydrocarbons are generated by thermal processes from organic material contained in certain types of sedimentary rocks referred to as source rocks.

Ongoing development coupled with human greed has also raised fears about sustainable development. Kerosene is also used for making oil gas. The later has only historical significance and most of them have been abandoned. As the mixture of hot vapors rises in the column, it starts getting cooled gradually.

Danker suggests that if natural gas is used in automobiles instead of gasoline and diesel, the emissions result in lesser air pollution as natural gas has fewer impurities and is chemically less complex. In raw state crude oil resembles ordinary lubricating oil that is immiscible with water and has a density less than that of sea water.

The crude oil belonging to the napthane series have the general formula CnH2n. Further no two petroleum are alike in composition which is chiefly due to variations in the primary source material or may be the result of subsequent environments and such factors like migration, catalysis, polymerization, pressure and temperature changes and metamorphism.

The revenue features are anticipated regardless of the imposition of a Mineral Resource Rent Tax on coal and iron ore, the extension of the present Petroleum Resource Rent to onshore oil production and output from the North West Shelf project replacing royalties in each instancesand the introduction of carbon pricing.

It is used as lubricants and fuel oils. Therefore, phytoplanktons are restricted to continental shelf areas, bordering and overlapping the continents. The process of separating crude petroleum oil into more useful fractions is called refining.

The importance of natural gas can be gauged from the fact that it is a necessary chemical component for numerous products. Natural gas is an ideal fossil fuel that has numerous applications. These humus substances are formed by the slow decomposition of the lignin in peats and are found in soils highly charged with decaying vegetation.

Origin of Petroleum 2. Mingling of salt and fresh water might cause the precipitation of the organic material. Petroleum contained in non-marine sediments probably migrated into these areas from marine source materials located nearby. A major breakthrough occurred when it was discovered that hydrocarbons and related compounds occur in many living organisms and are deposited in the sediments with little or no change.

It therefore transpires that the use of natural gas as an alternative fuel is a wise choice. There are numerous electric utilities that use this fuel to generate clean power.

The formation of petroleum at this stage must occur in an oxygen deficient environment, i. The periodic blooms observed in these areas are the result of the upwelling of cold, stratified, nutrient-rich bottom water into the shallow photic zone Fig This conversion took place in absence of oxygen or air.

Revenue is anticipated to grow by 7. The different reasons in favour of the organic origin are: Oil deposites are usually found mixed with water, salt and sand earth-particles. Benefits of Natural Gas in the Petroleum Industry Introduction As the economies of the world develop, the demand for energy continues to increase.

Natural gas also enables the production of alternative sources of energy. The gas is also a raw material for manufacturing solar panels and energy-efficient materials. The components of the crude oil can be classified into two hydrocarbon series, viz.

Project Report On Petroleum Industry Commerce Essay

Studies in the organic content of sedimentary rocks indicate that the primary source materials are fish and microscopic marine life. It includes basins with uncertain prospects and requires basic data to be generated for further progress, viz.

Diesel oil is used as a fuel for heavier vehicles like buses, trucks, railway engines and ships. Paraffin wax is also obtained during the further fractionation of residual oils.

If the sedimentation rate is too high then the percentage of organic matter will be lowered. C ratio declines until the residue remaining is comprised mostly of carbon in the form of graphite. A project report on petroleum. This project report will help you to learn about: 1.

Origin of Petroleum 2. Meaning of Petroleum 3. Types of Petroleum 4. Project Report On Petroleum Industry Commerce Essay The MBA programmed provides pupil with a cardinal cognition of concern and organisational maps and activities every bit good as an exposure to strategic thought of direction.

The development of petroleum industry during the past years has created bigger demand, bigger market on both size and scale. The North Sea field is a field with enormous oil and gas resources. These opportunities have attracted international oil and gas companies to.

- The U.S Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing Industry According to the GAO report, the U.S. petroleum refining industry experienced a period of high product prices and industry.

As a part of the curriculum we have prepared a "comprehensive project report" on petroleum industry. The theoretical knowledge is used only when are apply in our practical study. This report contains a brief about the petroleum industry playing a vital role in the growth of Indian economy.

A specimen copy of the Table of Contents of the project report is given in Appendix 3. List of Tables – The list should use exactly the same captions as they appear above the tables in the text.

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